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Advices to Maine-Coon owners

Communicating with the novice owners of the maine-coon, we came to the conclusion that many believe that you just need to buy a cat, bring it home and put it on the floor. And that's all — mission accomplished! But no, not so simple. There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of in advance — before you "put the cat on the floor" and after that — too.

Therefore, we decided to share information about what you need to have at home if you decide to get yourself maine-coon, and that can be useful and make life easier. Here is what we ourselves use, and we advise you.


Window protection

Maine-coons — representatives of the largest breed of domestic cats. At the same time, it is very gambling, playful and curious. In pursuit of a bird or a night moth outside the window, the usual mosquito net will be torn to shreds instantly, fall out of the window, and be crippled or die. Promises "never to open the window", or "I will monitor the window during ventilation", or "we have air conditioning, we do not open the window" are not accepted! The human factor has not been canceled, and anything can fit.

Therefore, we oblige any owner of our graduate to install protection on the windows. We have such protection, and therefore our cats do not consider the window a dangerous place.

At a minimum — "Safe airing for Cats" — a comb-latch on the window casement, which allows it to be ventilated not by tilting, but by opening the window casement on a narrow slot, through which the cat cannot climb out. This thing is easy to install, even by yourself!

But better and more reliable — "Protective mesh on the windows for cats (anti-mosquito)" or "Protective grid on the windows for cats", if you do not need an anti-mosquito one. We use such a mesh from the very foundation of the cattery and, as they say - "sleep well".

To read more about the protection of windows, and even order such protection, look for the "Protective Screen for Pets" in your region.

Hide household chemicals

The maine-coons are not only curious, but they also have "hands"! Large paws with long fingers make it easy to open doors, cabinet doors and drawers of tables. Therefore, all hazardous household chemicals — cleaning products, washing powders, repellents, etc., as well as cosmetics, including toothpaste with mint should be safely hidden!

Use hanging cabinets with door closers or baby safe-locks on the doors.

Hide wires

The novice owners of cats usually buy kittens, not adult cats. Soon after the acquisition, the kitten's teeth begin to change. And here in the course goes everything that can in principle be nibbled. Especially will be liked a loose wires. According to rumors, the most delicious is the cord for charging the iPhone! But shoe laces are also suitable.

The gnawed wires at least with monetary expenditures, as a maximum — with the death of a kitten from an electric shock. A swallowed shoe lace or just a shoe lace tip threaten a serious abdominal operation or even death, if you do not notice it in time.

Therefore, all power wires must be fixed on the walls and furniture with the help of clips for fixing the wires, and the surplus must be hidden behind furniture or appliances.

Wires that cannot be fixed or hidden — from the keyboard, mouse, phone — it is useful to protect the special protective winding for cables. At least this thing saved our phone chargers.

Hide small objects

Everything is simple here: maine-coons — like small children — love to find, steal and try to gnaw all the small objects that they can find. If you don’t want to search your keys, flash drives, jewelry all over the house — securely hide everything that can be useful for playing in the drawers of tables, cabinets, boxes. We remind you that swallowed foreign objects are a very big risk for the kitten's health!

Useful things

Carrying case

Maine-coons — gulliver among cats. So, they need the carrying case "Stefanplast Gulliver 2 DELUX". Although, for a big cat, "Stefanplast Gulliver 3 DELUX" is required. We have been using both of these carrying cases for many years and are very pleased.

Firstly, it can be worn either by the handle or attached to the strap on the shoulder (from a gym bag, for example). Secondly, it has special cuts for fixing the seat belt in the car. Thirdly, there is a compartment for small things, a hatch for access to the animal without opening the door, and these carriers can also be equipped with wheels. Fourth, in the complete set a drinking bowl (fastens on a door). Fifth, only a modification of "IATA" is allowed on flights. And sixthly, these carriers can be put on each other, and when disassembled they fit well into each other and take up much less space.

Even if you are not going to travel with your cat or attend exhibitions, you will need a carrying case, at least, to go to a vet clinic for vaccinations.

Dry food

Maine-coons are very closely watching what and how we eat. And they ask to taste too. There are products that can be given to try "off the table", and which can not be given categorically even in very small quantities — well, you know — all this was told to you several times before giving away the kitten.

Feeding natural food is a very complex process, which, moreover, may require a separate freezer. Therefore, dry food is our everything.

Dry industrial feed occasionally lose quality. It is hard to say what the fault is: forgeries or the desire of manufacturers to increase profits. Therefore, periodically ask your breeder about this. At the moment we are feeding our tailed kids "Josera NatureCat".


Despite the fact that the maine-coons are about three times larger than ordinary cats, they do not eat so much. Another thing — the kittens. Kittens eat a lot and often, so water and feed should be constantly available. In general, the maine-coons does not need to be fed on a schedule — they themselves eat as much as they need, and not "to the bottom".

As a bowl for food, you can use almost any small deep dish. But for a maine-coon it is important that the bowl is heavy and difficult to turn over. Therefore, for our first maine-coon, we bought a "Ceramic Bowl for a cat 0.3l/11cm". Since then, in our cattery only such bowls with different patterns. They are easy to wash, they do not absorb odors, heavy, strong, and they never turned over during the meal.

But for the water you need a bigger bowl! It must also be deep, heavy and such that it cannot be turned over. From the very first maine-coon we use "Ceramic Bowl for a dog 0.8l/16cm" and are very satisfied.

We do not recommend any kind of automatic water dispensers and fountains because: a) the maine-coons "dig" water first and then drink; b) because of this, the fountain filters are instantly clogged and they will have to be changed frequently; c) a bucket of water, from the point of view of the maine-coon, will give a head start in 100 points to any automatic water dispenser or fountain!

And more, many people put the oven-trays under the bowl with water or the salvers with high sides or the car mats with sides in the hope of avoiding splashing water by your "precious". Well... good luck to you!.. :)

Toilet litter

A good cat litter is a guarantee of cleanliness and lack of smell in your home. We tried silica gel, mineral lumping, several types of wood litters, and chose "Cat's Best Original".

Silica gel seemed dangerous, because kittens love to play with its granules, and even swallow them. It is not toxic, but does not dissolve in the stomach. Mineral litters produced a fine dust, small granules are sharp, like buckwheat — it is very unpleasant to step on it, and in addition I got an allergic reaction on it. Cheap wood litters — filled the house with the smell of urine and wet sawdust...

The price of "Cat's Best Original" is impressive, but it is worth it! Its granules resemble sawdust or broken wood pellets, which are sold under the guise of cheap "wood cat litter". But unlike the cheap option, there is no sawdust, but fine wood dust pressed into pellets. Due to this, the smell of urine disappears almost instantly, and shit stick well with granules. But the most important advantage is the only type of litter that can and should be flushed down the toilet! You will not have this constant smell of the toilet flowing from the garbage can in your house.


Maine-coons — the largest breed of domestic cats. And they need a too large toilet. Meet the toiletry masterpiece from Trixie — "Berto Litter Tray with separating system"!

This tray is extremely convenient in operation, saves the filler, it easily fits a large adult cat, and, if necessary, this tray can be divided into two independent trays! The second one, of course, will turn out without a grid and rim, but this can help out if you leave the house for a whole day or have not had time to buy a second one for an increased number of tailed pets.

Sisal Scratching Posts

The fact that cats need scratching post is known to everyone. But some believe that the maine-coons need some kind of special scratching post. In principle, no. Except the dimensions are needed larger: both the diameter of the posts and the length. The scratching post of the local manufacturer lasted for a surprisingly long time — it did not yield to the well-known brand "Trixie" at a much lower cost. Therefore, look in your region for the maximum weight of the base, post length more than 60 cm, post diameter not less than 9 cm (even better — 11 cm).

For adult cats is suitable "Parla Scratching Post" — this is the tallest single scratching post that is suitable for maine-coons. It was placed close to the cabinet and a box of shoes was crammed between its base and the bottom of the cabinet so that the scratching post would not topple under the onslaught of "thick bums"

We also have the "Giada Scratching Post" - also selected by the widest and heaviest base, so as not to overturn under the weight of "prancing elephants." However, the complex is interested in more kittens than adult cats. Although at you may be otherwise.

Cardboard scratch furniture

Surprisingly, it turned out that scratching post can be cardboard! And even more surprisingly, it serves for quite a long time, and most importantly, it is in demand with cats!

One day we were gifted such a scratching post, but we threw it on the shelf, deciding that the maine-coons would tear it apart in a couple of days, if they decide to use it at all. When the kittens appeared, we decided to try this gadget — like, maybe the kittens won't kill it so quickly. Suddenly it turned out that the cardboard scratching post is an excellent substitute for furniture! This, in fact, is the difference between the traditional sisal (rope) and cardboard scratching posts: sisal is needed for sharpening claws, and cardboard — for pleasure and cleaning of claws.

This discovery forced to look for a source of pleasure, and we found it — myKotty.


Healthy maine-coon fur does not need any care for most of the year. But during the period of molting, it is useful to comb out the old wool so that the cat looks better and does not fill the stomach with wool, licking itself.

Best fit "Trixie Comb metal double sided 17 cm.". We have been using this for many years — it copes perfectly well! Please note that the furminator and trimmer cannot be used! This will destroy the three-layer structure of maine-coon fur, and it will take from six months to one and a half years to restore it!


Maine-coons love to play, and adapt for this all that is small in size, rustles or rattles when moving. There is nothing worse than Chinese plastic lattice balls with a bell inside! Even adult cats are very fond of them, but at 4 am you will be determined to kill your pet for playing with this ball!

Therefore, we offer a not less interesting toy that does not interfere with sleep — a plush mouse. It rustles softly when it is crumpled with paws and bitten. Cats love to throw it by their paws and wear in their teeth.

Another great toy is a tunnel for games! He also rustles quietly during the game and causes serious interest for a long time. Especially good for kittens. Surprisingly, it is a very strong thing — we use it for more than one year!

Here I would like to remind once again that the maine-coons are like children: they are very happy with the new toys, and gradually lose interest in the old ones. And yet, they love to hide them "for a rainy day". So — do not get off with one mouse!


Even if your cat does not leave the house, or walks in your private yard, surrounded by a three-meter fence, you still need to periodically de-worming. How often — it is written in the cat's veterinary passport, and also, you can ask your breeder or read the instructions for the preparation.

Currently, we are using "Caniquantel Plus".

The remedy for fleas

Flea treatment may be required even for a cat that does not leave the house. Fleas love places behind the ears and on the chin. If you find there a flea or its shit in the form of a scattering of small black grains, then it is time to carry out the treatment. Carefully read the instructions to the drug before use and strictly follow it!

At the moment, we are using "Advantage 80".

May be useful

Laser pointer

Many people know that cats love to play with a laser pointer. But not everyone knows that not every laser pointer will do. The power of a laser pointer for playing with cats should not exceed 5 mW (milliwatts)! For example, branded laser toys for playing with cats by Trixie have a power of only 1 mW.

During the game with a laser pointer, carefully watch that the beam itself and direct reflection (from tile, mirror, polishing) do not fall into the eyes of you or the animal!

We use both laser pointer keychain and laser pointer pen to play. Keychain easier to buy, but the batteries in it discharge quickly and are expensive. Therefore, we mainly use a pen with a red laser and Eneloop batteries — it lasts longer and will more profitable over time.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Maine-coons are semi-longhair cat breed. In addition, they have very fluffy pants and paws. Therefore, no matter what type you use the cats toilet and the filler for it, you still need to tidy up this filler around the tray (and not only) often. In our opinion, the ideal solution is the cordless vacuum cleaner "Electrolux Ergorapido ZB3104". By the way, in your country the model may be called differently — look for a similar in characteristics.

After its acquisition, the need for a ordinary almost disappeared. Very handy thing — at any moment you take it from the base, and you quickly tidy up both wool from carpets and scattered filler. And just throw away the collected garbage in the bin — no need to buy disposable bags for a ordinary vacuum cleaner, or clean reusable one! This model has proved itself in terms of reliability: we use this vacuum cleaner up to 5 times a day from May 2016, and it still works fine.

After a year of operation, I guessed to purchase a set of filters (to use a vacuum cleaner while another set dries after cleaning) and a turbo brush (which was worn out during such use). Also, it is useful to change the filter element every six months. In your region may be a shop or service center where you can buy all this things.