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Faydark Maine-Coon Cattery

Welcome to our Maine-Coon Cattery website.

Our cattery is called “Faydark”. Cattery is situated in Kharkov city (Ukraine), registered in the international felinological system FIFE (“Winner Cat” club, Kharkov).

We are professionally engaged in breeding maine-coon cats since 2016. The main direction is black blotched tabby (such color is also called “wild”) and white colors. Also, great attention is paid to good health, good heredity, breed characteristics and the true inimitable nature of maine-coon cats!

We are small home cattery and we haven’t many kittens at the same time, so we can pay maximum attention to each kitten that we grow. Our cats are members of our family, receive high-quality food and care.

Kittens move to new homes after 3 months with a full set of documents (club certificate of origin or pedigree, veterinary passport with vaccination marks, contract). As pets kittens move only after neutering. Sale of kittens with the right of breeding is limited.

Our kittens live in many cities of Ukraine, and also in such countries as USA, Saudi Arabia, China (Hong Kong), Hungary.

Maine-coon kitten from cattery in Ukraine (Kharkov)


06/19/2019 • Kittens

We haven't available kittens now, but we have plans!

02/04/2019 • Exhibitions

Exhibition in Kharkov February 2-3, 2019

Our cattery took part in the international exhibition of cats, organized by the club Winner Cat, FIFE, Kharkov (February 2-3, 2019).

Three of our animals were exhibited. Two of them were exhibited in the class of kittens - MakAlina Orinoco and Faydark Everquest. And Faydark Carol exhibited in adult class.

Results of the 1st day.

  • MakAlina Orinoco - Ex1,
  • Faydark Everquest - Ex 1 in competition,
  • Faydark Carol - Ex 1.

The second day has pleased more.

  • MakAlina Orinoco - Ex1, nom bis, Best kitten 2 categories (SLH breed),
  • Faydark Everquest - Ex 1,
  • Faydark Carol - Ex 1, CAC, nom bis.